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Monday, May 26, 2008

Video Tutorial

Recently, I have been looking for a website that will help me learn more about editing programs such as After Effects and Adobe Premiere. Also at my internship with the Giants, I have had the opportunity to produce more videos that have ended up on the scoreboard during games. So now I am constantly looking for new ways to create more engaging and exciting content through these media platforms.

If you are interested in video editing and want to learn some new programs to enhance your films, I would recommend Video Co-Pilot. This site gives you FREE tutorials about software programs like After Effects ranging from beginner lessons to learning how to create a frosty breath. The tutorials are very user friendly because you can stop and pause at any time, and view each tutorial multiple times.

For the most basic tutorial I would recommend the beginner lesson to After Effects. It gives you the basic steps to create motion effects and I use it as a good refresher in case I forget how to do something. Why should you use After Effects in case you were wondering? After Effects is a helpful program to create motion graphics and enhance your videos and also a good thing to put on your resume if you were interested in being involved in post-production work.

Also the tutorials are not that time consuming and each segment only takes about ten minutes each. The good thing about this site is that it breaks up each lesson into segments so you don't have to watch the whole tutorial all the way through. Oh yeah mentioned it was FREE right!

This website will help you gain basic knowledge of After Effects but you will still need to apply it to truly get the basics down. But overall I found this a good website to teach me the necessary tools so I had at least some clue how to use this program.

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Blogger Gary said...

yeah, it's a fantastic site. The best tutorials and stuff I've discovered so far. Excellent dvd's too and the tutorials are all on a $25 dvd now :)

This site exploded my interest in After Effects.

Keep us informed how you go with the program.

2:04 AM  

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