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Monday, May 05, 2008

Philip Thurtle

Last Thursday, Philip Thurtle, the last Davies Forum speaker of the semester, came to the University of San Francisco to talk about how comics can teach us about the world we live in.

After reading Scott McCloud's book, Understand Comics - The Invisible Art, Thurtle gave me an even more in depth look at comics. He also convinced me that it is better to do a speech with no shoes on.

McCloud and Thurtle have showed me that comics aren't just silly cartoons with imaginative hero's and villains. Characters like Swamp Thing can teach us things about our society and ourselves. Swamp Thing used to be a regular scientist trying to help save the world from environmental problems when his experiment goes south and turns into the Swamp Thing. The world didn't create Swamp thing, we did, and it is up to us to adapt to these changes in our environment instead of outcasting them into our society. I loved Thurtle's explanation when he stated to change the world we must first listen to it then make the necessary steps to fix it.

Thurtle also explained how superheros are products of industrial accidents and they remind our society that we have taken industrial society for granite. Living in am industrial and global society, superhero comics portray the world we live in today. Comics informs us about the world in ways newspapers and news media can't.

After reading McCloud's book, I forgot how much I enjoy reading a good comic book once and a while. I never got into comics as a kid, but I enjoy reading in between the "gutter" and visualizing the events in my head by creating the crime in my own style. I never realized comics could send such a strong message about our society and they way it functions.

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Blogger Roberto Shamasio said...

Philip Thurtle is one radical dude. Is he still in San Fran? I"m acutally looking for him to send him a comic book called "tansmetropolotan" give it a read if you have time

12:36 PM  

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