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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Digital Literacy

Looking back at my tag cloud I created from all my Davies Forum posts over the last semester, it's amazing that we have covered so many ideas and issues surrounding digital media. Instead of reflecting back on all of the digital media we have covered this semester, I found myself thinking about ways to use what I have learn this semester and apply it to my future.

After thinking about my Tag cloud and scanning it over a couple of times some of the words that stood out for me were: People, World, Community, Create. Before taking this class, I knew digital media has made it easier for the world to come together and be connected. The hard thing about that is creating digital media that allows this to take place in a participatory environment, where creators and users can give feedback to one another. One thing I will take from this class is the new strategies to connect with people. For example, it could be something simple like linking to another blog or leaving a comment. Even in this global world we live in, you still have to create or initiate the conversation so people will notice. One of the best quotes I heard all semester was from Ivan Chew: The easiest thing to do is leave a comment.

One thing that this class helps builds towards is creating or using new digital media that connects People to their Communities then the World. I have learned how digital media can be used as a powerful tool to rally a community together or to simply inform people about an exciting field trip. Learning to be digitally literate is hard because there are so many new programs that are created each day, but that provides us the opportunity to learn more about digital media and the ways it can help connect us.

I have realized that some how in my life I want to be able to connect people with each other, either locally or globally. Using the digital media that we have discussed in this class will help me come up with strategies to connect people around the world. But I also look forward to learning about the next twitter or tag cloud that will change the field of digital media. So here is a blog toast to the learning about new digital media and connecting people to their communities then to the world.

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Blogger david silver said...

awesome post blake.

ivan's quote about comments is one of my favorites too.

excellent blog toast: "to the learning about new digital media and connecting people to their communities then to the world."

12:28 AM  
Blogger Ivan Chew said...

Hmm, I didn't know a remark like that could leave an impression. Thanks for letting me know. I have to credit this friend of mine for the quote. He made the remark some time back, which I remembered, and I shared with you folks. Which you remembered. And maybe it'll pass on :) So cool.

BTW, it's interesting to see how your class have matured as bloggers. When you folks first started, I told David my surprise that most of you didn't seem to know how to link to other blogs. But now, it's like you're all naturals.

9:56 AM  
Blogger lissle said...

love the post. wheres your tag cloud though?

7:45 PM  

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