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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Kevin Epps

"Have your people 'Kiss my ASS'", read the T-Shirt that Kevin Epps wore to the Digital Literacy talk at USF last Thursday. Kevin's talk brought a new and fresh perspective to the Davies Forum by discussing the Digital Divide and ownership rights over digital content.

Kevin comes from Hunters Point, a district at the edge of San Francisco's city limits. Kevin has made a successful career of out of making digital media even though HP is ridden with drugs and gang violence. What I love about Kevin is he didn't run away from his roots and his communities problems, instead he embraced them and chose to make a film about life in Hunter's Point. In this film, "Straight Outta Hunter's Point", Kevin bravley goes out onto the streets of HP to interview local residents about the issues concerning this community. However, Kevin explains in his talk that this film needed to be done to raise the awareness of what is going on in HP to the rest of the residents in San Francisco. Kevin brings a voice to the community that can be spread around the City using digital media.

Kevin is also trying to let people know in his community about digital media and trying to raise funds to cut the digital divide. The digital divide is one topic that we have not discused in class but effects many people in low-income communities. Often these communities, like Hunters Point, loose their voice in the community because they have less outlets to voice their problems and concerns. Kevin is teaming up with Google, to get young producers to tell short stories about their communities. Kevin is hoping to get more young people involved in digital media in Hunters Point to give a bigger voice to this community. Let's hope their voice will get loud enough so that every resident in San Francsico knows all the major issues that have effected this community.

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