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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fred Stutzman

Fred Stutzman, a grad student from North Carolina, has been studying the way people use Facebook to interact with friends, family and co-workers. During his talk to the Davies Forum at USF, I found many of his results to be true for myself.

For example, Fred data showed that most people used facebook to search for close friends or people we see everyday. This shows our conception of the audience is the people we come into close contact everyday. This rings true for me because I know I only update my profile and post pictures so my friends who hang out with me can see them. Even though I have about 150 friends on facebook, on only hang out with about 20%. For this reason I think it is harder to create and "alternative" personality on facebook rather than myspace because your close friends would know that is not your style. Besides I think one main reason students sign up with facebook is to be connected to other students so they can plan parties or send event invites which requires offline participation.

Eventually, I see my kids not using facebook or myspace because 1. There parents are on it and can see their profiles 2. They would want to find an exclusive "space" too socially interact away from their parents eye.

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