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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bryan Alexander

Bryan Alexander has over 600 RSS feeds, I have like 10 and I think that is way to much too keep track of. Then again I guess Bryan does have the time to find all these cool new web 2.0 media sites since it's his job. Bryan is definiately an interesting character, I loved the fact that he spends all his time talking about wikis, blogs etc then goes outside his house in Vermont and chops wood, definiately an interesting mix.
One of my favorite websites that Bryan pointed out was Twitter. I liked the concept of only having 140 characters to write what what your thoughts, but is a good and quick way to let your friends stay connected to you. It was pretty cool to see the global map of comments people were making all across the world.
I found it interesting that teachers were reluctant to use web 2.0 technologies in the classroom. I guess there scared of losing their jobs or something but I belive learning how to blog and become digitaly literate is important for K- 12 students especially since they are growing up in this culture. I think it is great that young students are blogging because it is a form of writing that students are practicing even though they might not realize it. Even though it might not be the most intelectual topics, at least students are familiar with these web 2.0 technologies and will be at their disposal when they want to tackle more important issues.
I think web 2.0 technologies could be used to teach students about the whole world. It would be awesome if a class in california could create a blog about themselves then have an rss feed that links to another blog in europe or south America etc. Web 2.0 its all about being connected and passing along conversations, I know I would have liked to be in contact with a school from somewhere outside the US when I was in school.

Since i forgot my camera go to David's blog to see cool pics of Bryan

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Blogger Kelly said...

I don't know about your elementary school, but mine would always (try to) do pen-pals with other classes in other countries. The experiment always seemed to fizzle out a few months into the school year. I wonder if blogging would be a means with more staying power?

1:35 PM  
Blogger david silver said...

i really like your idea of using blogs to allow students at different schools - and different countries - to converse together and, hopefully, to learn a bit about each other. that would be an interesting project to pursue.

5:39 PM  
Blogger Ivan Chew said...

Hi Blake, here's where I'll blatantly plug this idea to see if it'll interest you. :)

About teachers not using Web 2.0, or experiments fizzling out: perhaps they have not found a good reason to use it yet. I feel teachers ultimately need 'content' to make teaching more effective, rather than more tools.

Web 2.0. tools aren't necessarily content by themselves (unless the community creates and shares content on them, like YouTube). I'm thinking if what's needed is simply to enable teachers to understand what the tools can or cannot do, and then let teachers (who should be experts in their field) to figure out how to apply it.

7:19 AM  

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