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Monday, March 31, 2008


What do I like most about the Gleeson Library at USF?

I would have to say the computers because it provides access to anyone who attends USF. I know most of us have computers, but I know I see a lot of international studies using them, maybe because they didn't bring a computer overseas. Or in my case, since my computer broke down and can't afford a new one, the Gleeson computers provide access and allow me to connect to all of you guys. (Yay!) Also the computers in Gleeson are nice because people who don't have lab tops, can have access to the Internet while there on campus to check e-mail or work on homework.

What Would I change about Gleeson Library?

1. Since were on the subject of computers, I'll make a recommendation that might improve the computers on the second floor of Gleeson library. If you don't know where this is, if you go up the stairs to the 2nd floor and walk all the way straight ahead you will notice a long line of computers. My idea would to build a small sound-proof room around each computer. That way people can't listen to music as loud as they can't or pound on the keyboard as hard as they want without disturbing other students.

2. Another Idea would be to have a section in the library where people could create a USF music library. Students could bring in their CD's and upload them to a computer where any student could listen to them. I guess you could also use IPOD's but that brings in the question of illegal downloading and that whole issue. But I think it would be cool to create a place or commons where students and faculty could share their music.

3. Also I don't know id Gleeson does this, but they could invite local writers or poets to come in and read some of their work and have a question and answer period after. Maybe they could block off the Atrium for a couple of hours and hold the event in there. I know there are tons of local writers and poets who probably enjoy coming to a college campus.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kelly Quinn

Today the San Francisco skyline is changing rapidly. New High rise condos are popping up everywhere in the city because of the need for residential homes, because of the lack of space this city has. Particularly, the Soma district (South of Market) is the epicenter for all of these new condos. But what effect do these new condos effect or change the neighborhood?
It wasn't recently until I read Jane Jacobs book "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" and listening to a talk by Kelly Quinn, an assistant professor of American studies at Miami University, that San Francisco is in a struggle right now to keep it's identity, while trying to provide a need to the public.
San Francisco is a city that also values public art, and many pieces can be seen all over the city. Also back in the 70's the people of San Francisco stopped the City from expanding the downtown sky rise into the residential neighborhoods. It is clear people need space for affordable housing, but at what price will neighborhood pay, if there are no social areas around these high risies where these people can interact?
Hopefully with the influx of people into the Soma district, it will attract more businesses to come into the area creating more social interactions on the streets. Also, the city should think about creating a park or some public space where all these residents can interact instead of being locked up in their high rise condos.
I think it will be interesting to see what becomes of the SOMA district in the next few years, especially with more high rise condos being constructed.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well, I don't know about you guys but I am not a fan of fmatlas. For one it's a bit slow, I know we have come to take download speeds for granite, but I ain't going to wait all day for the map to pop up. Sometimes for me the zoom tool wouldn't work and I would have to log off the site then log back on to get it to work properly again.
In addition, the site isn't that user friendly. I uploaded some pictures to the map which I took the time to describe and all that good stuff, then when I closed my browser and went back to check to see if my pictures uploaded to the map I discovered they did not. It also took me a while to figure out that you have to click on My Atlas to be able to save your pics on the map, otherwise it doesn't.

And besides you can only look at pictures you have posted on the map and not other people around the world. And I believe there is already a site that lets you do that its called FLICKR! Not only can you look up your pictures, you can look up your contacts pictures and pictures from anywhere around the world (And it's faster anyway).

What I am trying to say is fmatlas is not a good site, in my humble opinion, I am stickn' with flickr.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fred Stutzman

Fred Stutzman, a grad student from North Carolina, has been studying the way people use Facebook to interact with friends, family and co-workers. During his talk to the Davies Forum at USF, I found many of his results to be true for myself.

For example, Fred data showed that most people used facebook to search for close friends or people we see everyday. This shows our conception of the audience is the people we come into close contact everyday. This rings true for me because I know I only update my profile and post pictures so my friends who hang out with me can see them. Even though I have about 150 friends on facebook, on only hang out with about 20%. For this reason I think it is harder to create and "alternative" personality on facebook rather than myspace because your close friends would know that is not your style. Besides I think one main reason students sign up with facebook is to be connected to other students so they can plan parties or send event invites which requires offline participation.

Eventually, I see my kids not using facebook or myspace because 1. There parents are on it and can see their profiles 2. They would want to find an exclusive "space" too socially interact away from their parents eye.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Delicious Meal

UPDATED 3/8/08


1/4 cup olive oil & water
Chicken (or any other meat)

1. Combine olive oil & water to seasoning mixture
2. Dip chicken into marinade let sit in frig for 15 min
3. Start up Bar-b-Que, Place coals in pyramid to start bar-b-Que quickest
4. Once coals are hot place chicken on grill

5. About 10 minutes later add corn and peppers to bar-b-Que & flip chicken over
6. Once peppers and corn have some black on them take them off. Check chicken if ready as well
7. Take off grill and serve


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bryan Alexander

Bryan Alexander has over 600 RSS feeds, I have like 10 and I think that is way to much too keep track of. Then again I guess Bryan does have the time to find all these cool new web 2.0 media sites since it's his job. Bryan is definiately an interesting character, I loved the fact that he spends all his time talking about wikis, blogs etc then goes outside his house in Vermont and chops wood, definiately an interesting mix.
One of my favorite websites that Bryan pointed out was Twitter. I liked the concept of only having 140 characters to write what what your thoughts, but is a good and quick way to let your friends stay connected to you. It was pretty cool to see the global map of comments people were making all across the world.
I found it interesting that teachers were reluctant to use web 2.0 technologies in the classroom. I guess there scared of losing their jobs or something but I belive learning how to blog and become digitaly literate is important for K- 12 students especially since they are growing up in this culture. I think it is great that young students are blogging because it is a form of writing that students are practicing even though they might not realize it. Even though it might not be the most intelectual topics, at least students are familiar with these web 2.0 technologies and will be at their disposal when they want to tackle more important issues.
I think web 2.0 technologies could be used to teach students about the whole world. It would be awesome if a class in california could create a blog about themselves then have an rss feed that links to another blog in europe or south America etc. Web 2.0 its all about being connected and passing along conversations, I know I would have liked to be in contact with a school from somewhere outside the US when I was in school.

Since i forgot my camera go to David's blog to see cool pics of Bryan

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