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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Alright so a couple of weekends ago my friends and I decided to go to Monster truck show on SATURDAY, SATURDAY, SATURDAY! I figured when would I ever go to a monster truck show in my life so I thought it would be a good expearience and could check it off the life list.

Actually I was excited to see what type of audience this show would attract. For some reason I associated Monster trucks with people that live in the woods or something, because monster trucks are really that mainstream. To my surprise when we got there, was actually a line to get tickets and the Oakland stadium was sold out. As I looked around confused I notice that there were a bunch of kids all around me. Apparently I forgot what it was like to be a young boy already. The crowd was filled young kids who dragged their parents along too.

It was definiately different than what I expected. But later it all made sense because I remember playing with my toy trucks when I was a kid and creating "havoc" on my bedroom floor and doing all the cool sound effects.
Though I must say it was a fun event and only cost me $15. Plus the names are really cool to say like GRAVEDIGGER and BIG FOOT. I was glad reconnect with what it was like to be a kid because already I hate getting older and I am only 21 about to be 22.(which I know is still a kid to some people)

I guess what I learned from this expearince is try new things you never think you enjoy or would do. Drag your friends along at least then you can make fun of yourselves for being at some wierd event like MONSTER JAM!


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