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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brewster Kahle

There are an estimated 28 million books in the National Library of Congress, Brewster Kahle wants all of them to be availible online for everyone to read. It seems to all of us like a monumental project, and it is, but Kahle has already started scaned more than 350,000 books online. Hey its a start.
Kahle's idea is simple make universal education and universal access to all knowledge possible to everyone in the world. I Can't argue with that, however our government dosen't feel the same way. Thanks to in part copywrite laws which take away from the public domain and prevent Kahle's vision from totally coming true. He belives that digitizing our library and culture, such as music, art and audio would be "The greatest gift of our generation".
Kahle started the internet archive in the mid 90's and from then on has been consumed with this massive project. The internet archive not only archives books, but audio, music and moving images as well.
Kahle has also tried to spread universal knowledge through a program that makes books for free to people using a "Book Mobile", that has traveled all around the world. Kahle's site even has a way back machine that takes photos of every webpage every two months, check out what google looked like when it started
I have to say Kahle has an amazing vision, but a worthwhile one as well. It would be awesome if someone who had internet access in Africa, but didn't have an adaquit library could log on and have access to millions of books.

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