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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Alegrias- Tapas Bar

If any one is craveing some tapas and a warm cozy restaurant, this is the place to be. Right off Lombard st., it was a perfect place to go on a rainy & cold night. The place is not to big but has a good atmosphere inside. It isn't to quiet were you feel you have to whisper but also not loud so you don't have to shout across the table. I definiately had to try their Sangria which was decent but definiately helped me warm up from the cold outside.
My family and I each picked a tapa that we wanted then shared all of each others plates once the food arrived. I would recomend the Calimari, and Pork skewers. They also have a lot of vegetarian choices on the menu, which my sister liked since she is also a vegetarian. Tapas ranged from about 6-9 bucks but they are pretty good size and value for the price. We also shared an order of the Paella a la Marinera which is a traditional spanish dish that has rice with shrimp, oysters, peppers, fish, clams in basically a big pan all cooked together. This dish really reminded me of Spain since they use a lot of seafood in their traditional dishes. It dosen't compare to getting the real thing in Spain but it comes pretty close.
I could see this place being good to bring friends or a group along because you all get to share eachothers food and try a lot of things on the menu. And if your still hungry the waiters will still let you order more Tapas.
Overall the service was very friendly and definiately made the expearience better. It may be pricy for all of us students out there but worth it if you are going out to celebrate with friends or just wants some good spanish comida.

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