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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brewster Kahle

There are an estimated 28 million books in the National Library of Congress, Brewster Kahle wants all of them to be availible online for everyone to read. It seems to all of us like a monumental project, and it is, but Kahle has already started scaned more than 350,000 books online. Hey its a start.
Kahle's idea is simple make universal education and universal access to all knowledge possible to everyone in the world. I Can't argue with that, however our government dosen't feel the same way. Thanks to in part copywrite laws which take away from the public domain and prevent Kahle's vision from totally coming true. He belives that digitizing our library and culture, such as music, art and audio would be "The greatest gift of our generation".
Kahle started the internet archive in the mid 90's and from then on has been consumed with this massive project. The internet archive not only archives books, but audio, music and moving images as well.
Kahle has also tried to spread universal knowledge through a program that makes books for free to people using a "Book Mobile", that has traveled all around the world. Kahle's site even has a way back machine that takes photos of every webpage every two months, check out what google looked like when it started web.archive.org/web/19981111184551/http://google.com/
I have to say Kahle has an amazing vision, but a worthwhile one as well. It would be awesome if someone who had internet access in Africa, but didn't have an adaquit library could log on and have access to millions of books.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sorry link to Alegrias didn't work here it is http://www.yelp.com/biz/alegrias-san-francisco#hrid:vFZTnF4syYU9F-l2tV9GFQ

Alegrias- Tapas Bar

If any one is craveing some tapas and a warm cozy restaurant, this is the place to be. Right off Lombard st., it was a perfect place to go on a rainy & cold night. The place is not to big but has a good atmosphere inside. It isn't to quiet were you feel you have to whisper but also not loud so you don't have to shout across the table. I definiately had to try their Sangria which was decent but definiately helped me warm up from the cold outside.
My family and I each picked a tapa that we wanted then shared all of each others plates once the food arrived. I would recomend the Calimari, and Pork skewers. They also have a lot of vegetarian choices on the menu, which my sister liked since she is also a vegetarian. Tapas ranged from about 6-9 bucks but they are pretty good size and value for the price. We also shared an order of the Paella a la Marinera which is a traditional spanish dish that has rice with shrimp, oysters, peppers, fish, clams in basically a big pan all cooked together. This dish really reminded me of Spain since they use a lot of seafood in their traditional dishes. It dosen't compare to getting the real thing in Spain but it comes pretty close.
I could see this place being good to bring friends or a group along because you all get to share eachothers food and try a lot of things on the menu. And if your still hungry the waiters will still let you order more Tapas.
Overall the service was very friendly and definiately made the expearience better. It may be pricy for all of us students out there but worth it if you are going out to celebrate with friends or just wants some good spanish comida.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lost in Library

need directions

will work for information

Donde estan mi clase?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ivan Chew

On Thursday Feb. 14th a Librarian from Singapore came all the way to USF to talk about his expeariences with blogging. The self titled "Liblogarian" gave the audience some compelling reasons to start blogging or ways to make a blog better to read

Ivan Chew breaks the "sterotypes" of a librarian with his witty sense of humor and great story telling ability. I can't help but laugh everytime I think about the story about how he explains to his peers on why they should start a blog. "That's why" Ivan explained after he looked up a blog and popped up on the first page of google. For not doing many talks about his work he is a very engageing speaker.

I found that many of Chew's observations about blogging were useful to me starting my own blog like making the blog educational, personal, and entertaining. I liked his idea about blogs being publically engaging because I feel that is one of the most important things blogs can provide. If a blog can help or educate people on a topic it is awasome how people who have never met before can help each other out.

Finally, I thought Ivan's efforts to bring the gap between the younger and older generation was a very interesting product. I never thought about how senior citizens have expearienced so much in their lives but have been unable to record some of their expeariences. It's also cool to think that are blogs and photos online now will be availible for future generations to see.

And like Ivan says "The easiest thing to do is just make a comment"

To read Ivan's blog go to http://ramblinglibrarian.blogspot.com

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Alright so a couple of weekends ago my friends and I decided to go to Monster truck show on SATURDAY, SATURDAY, SATURDAY! I figured when would I ever go to a monster truck show in my life so I thought it would be a good expearience and could check it off the life list.

Actually I was excited to see what type of audience this show would attract. For some reason I associated Monster trucks with people that live in the woods or something, because monster trucks are really that mainstream. To my surprise when we got there, was actually a line to get tickets and the Oakland stadium was sold out. As I looked around confused I notice that there were a bunch of kids all around me. Apparently I forgot what it was like to be a young boy already. The crowd was filled young kids who dragged their parents along too.

It was definiately different than what I expected. But later it all made sense because I remember playing with my toy trucks when I was a kid and creating "havoc" on my bedroom floor and doing all the cool sound effects.
Though I must say it was a fun event and only cost me $15. Plus the names are really cool to say like GRAVEDIGGER and BIG FOOT. I was glad reconnect with what it was like to be a kid because already I hate getting older and I am only 21 about to be 22.(which I know is still a kid to some people)

I guess what I learned from this expearince is try new things you never think you enjoy or would do. Drag your friends along at least then you can make fun of yourselves for being at some wierd event like MONSTER JAM!