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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Final Question

For the assignment I was thinking about open source politics and future of blogging in political campaigns. I was very interested in the tactics of the Dean campaign in 2004 using blogging to organize support for the campaign. Citizens were able to organize and raise funding for the Dean campaign. However, Gillmore talks about some of the problems with the Dean blogs, for example 1) It didn't draw policy assistence from the people, meaning the canidate didn't learn from the peoples ideas 2) The blog did not reflect Dean's ideas because he rarley posted on the blog.

For my question I wanted to ask: How can politicians use the web to intereact and gather ideas from citizens during their ploitcal campaings?

I belive in the 2008 election the web will be a key tool to organize people and to spread the message of the canidate. I want to look at ways to correct the problems that gillmore talks about, and make the politcians be more intereactive with the citizens.


Blogger david silver said...

great question. one interesting starting point would be to see what gilmore said on his own blog during the heart of the 2006 elections. looking forward to seeing what you discover

1:15 PM  

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