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Monday, December 11, 2006

Final Update on question #2

For my read/write part of the assignment I uploaded two videos on YouTube. I also joined a group called "Short Films For Fun". I posted my videos in the group and also commmented on other members videos. Also to gain viewership of my videos I sent out e-mails to my family and friends with a link to my video. I also used facebook to spread my message by posting the link on my wall as well as in my contact information. I feel more connected to the YouTube community because now have feel as if I have contributed to the website. So enjoy my videos. Feel free to pass them on if u think their cool.



Final update on Question #1

My question asked: How can politicians be more interactive with the public using the internet?

After my research I found that other politicians are already starting to be more interactive with their blogs. For example, James Webb of Virginia hired 2 bloggers during the recent election to blog for his campaign. Also many other high profile polticians are already starting to hire big name bloggers for their presidential campaign. After looking at the data, I would still say that politicians can still be more interactive and post their own words on their blogs. It seems like the bloggers are doing the work for the politicians, instead of them speaking for themselves. My answer to this question would be for politicians to post on their blog every day or maybe answer a question that a person brings up on their blog. I don't think this process will take long since, politicians have busy schedules.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Update on 2nd question

As I was looking at groups today on youtube, i noticed under colleges USF was not listed. so i decided i might as well create one in the next couple of days since our school wasn't on there. Yesterday i converted my videos using the quick time conversion and now all i have to do is upload them onto youtube. hopefully it will upload my videos because they are pretty big files. but other than that everything is going smoothly

Update on final: question #1

I found some helpful articles through the library online catalog that talking about politicians that used the internet in some way during the last election. Many of the articles like one by Matthew McMillan talk about how blogging needs to be more interavtive and include some politicians like James Webb of virginia who hired bloggers for his campaign. I also have a article that takes the other side by Perry Bacon who says despite the online blogging it is important for people to go out into the public and actually act out their opinions. I am also going to use the book Crashing the gate because it provides good information about the Dean campaign and ways to enact social change other than blogging.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

2nd Question

For my read/write technology I want to use You Tube to upload my videos from my video production class. Since I have never uploaded a video on to YouTube I think it would be cool to show my videos to the world. One goal I have doing this is to try to get as many people possible to view my videos. The workshop by Veanne really helped because I knew I had to convert my files after reading the formats used on YouTubebut I wans't sure I how to do it. I plan on adding as many tags as possible and sending emails to all my friends and family. Also joining some groups on Youtube to get imvolved in the community

Final Question

For the assignment I was thinking about open source politics and future of blogging in political campaigns. I was very interested in the tactics of the Dean campaign in 2004 using blogging to organize support for the campaign. Citizens were able to organize and raise funding for the Dean campaign. However, Gillmore talks about some of the problems with the Dean blogs, for example 1) It didn't draw policy assistence from the people, meaning the canidate didn't learn from the peoples ideas 2) The blog did not reflect Dean's ideas because he rarley posted on the blog.

For my question I wanted to ask: How can politicians use the web to intereact and gather ideas from citizens during their ploitcal campaings?

I belive in the 2008 election the web will be a key tool to organize people and to spread the message of the canidate. I want to look at ways to correct the problems that gillmore talks about, and make the politcians be more intereactive with the citizens.