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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Black Panthers

One story that I found interesting about the Black Panther Party came on a global scale and reached many more viewers than the protest on the capitol steps of Sacramento. IN 1968, Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists in the symbol of Black Power at the awards ceremony in the 1968 summer Olympics in Mexico City. (Click on Link to view photo)
Smith and Carlos were both teamates at San Jose St and had a suggestion from their friend Harry Edwards to join together with other Black Athletes and boycott the games. Edwards formed the Olympic project for Human Rights (OPHR) which gained many support from black athletes but never materialized into an official boycott. Smith and Carlos though secretly planned a peaceful protest for the Olympics
Tommie Smith(Gold medal) and John Carlos (bronze) were about to hear the national anthem for the United States for the 200m dash. When the national anthem started to play both rasied their clenched fists symbolizing black power and bowed their heads.
Smith raised his right hand to represent black power in America and Carlos raised his left hand to represent black community and unity. Thier black scarf represented black pride and their black socks with no shoes represented black poverty in america.
After the protest the Olympic commity banned them from the olympic village and suspended them from the national team. Smith and Carlos even recieved death threats on themselves and their families. Also interesting story is the silver medalist in the race Peter Norman, of white color from austrialia participated in the protest by wearing a OPHR badge.
These actions of civil disobedience from these athletes were brave but more importantly sent a important message to hundreds of people around the world. It wasn't as tearifying as marching up to sacramento with guns but it still had the same message and intensity. This protest made the world confront the issues of African americans and sent a strong message to all that witnessned it.


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