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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sewage = Bush?

So post-grad life has been a grind for me lately. Working everyday for sometimes more than 10 hours for about 12 days in a row, which leaves very little time to collect my thoughts about things. This last weekend I spent relaxing and thinking about what my next blog post should be.

On Monday I was given my answer while watching the news. Apparently the organization, Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco wants to rename the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant to the George W. Bush Sewage Plant by next year. This organization has already received over 8,000 signatures - over 1,000 more needed to put the measure on the November ballot.

Me and my roommate immediately started cracking up upon hearing this news. Yes the idea may be child like and outrageous, but I have to give this group props, the idea is very funny.

Most of us are frustrated and hate the Bush Administration by now and even have clocks ticking down to when he leaves office. My whole high school and college years have been spent with this man in office. In some ways its been hard as a young adult growing up in America to trust "mature" political leaders who are more "experienced" than me while I just watch the country fall apart. I just hope the next administration gives me hope that we can fix our problems and make the world a better place.

The more I thought about this plan to name a sewage plant after Bush, the more a I am against it. I don't think George Bush deserves to be memorialized on a sewage plant. George Bush is worse than poop in my opinion. Why should we name him for something that makes him look better? There are a lot worse things than sewage, like a oil war, global warming and car bombs.

If this proposal goes on the San Francisco Ballot, let's not vote to approve it and make George W. Bush look better than what he really is.

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Friday, June 06, 2008



(picture taken by htlvhwy)


(photo taken by coyote 2012)

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Video Tutorial

Recently, I have been looking for a website that will help me learn more about editing programs such as After Effects and Adobe Premiere. Also at my internship with the Giants, I have had the opportunity to produce more videos that have ended up on the scoreboard during games. So now I am constantly looking for new ways to create more engaging and exciting content through these media platforms.

If you are interested in video editing and want to learn some new programs to enhance your films, I would recommend Video Co-Pilot. This site gives you FREE tutorials about software programs like After Effects ranging from beginner lessons to learning how to create a frosty breath. The tutorials are very user friendly because you can stop and pause at any time, and view each tutorial multiple times.

For the most basic tutorial I would recommend the beginner lesson to After Effects. It gives you the basic steps to create motion effects and I use it as a good refresher in case I forget how to do something. Why should you use After Effects in case you were wondering? After Effects is a helpful program to create motion graphics and enhance your videos and also a good thing to put on your resume if you were interested in being involved in post-production work.

Also the tutorials are not that time consuming and each segment only takes about ten minutes each. The good thing about this site is that it breaks up each lesson into segments so you don't have to watch the whole tutorial all the way through. Oh yeah mentioned it was FREE right!

This website will help you gain basic knowledge of After Effects but you will still need to apply it to truly get the basics down. But overall I found this a good website to teach me the necessary tools so I had at least some clue how to use this program.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Time Blogging - Before/After



Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Digital Literacy

Looking back at my tag cloud I created from all my Davies Forum posts over the last semester, it's amazing that we have covered so many ideas and issues surrounding digital media. Instead of reflecting back on all of the digital media we have covered this semester, I found myself thinking about ways to use what I have learn this semester and apply it to my future.

After thinking about my Tag cloud and scanning it over a couple of times some of the words that stood out for me were: People, World, Community, Create. Before taking this class, I knew digital media has made it easier for the world to come together and be connected. The hard thing about that is creating digital media that allows this to take place in a participatory environment, where creators and users can give feedback to one another. One thing I will take from this class is the new strategies to connect with people. For example, it could be something simple like linking to another blog or leaving a comment. Even in this global world we live in, you still have to create or initiate the conversation so people will notice. One of the best quotes I heard all semester was from Ivan Chew: The easiest thing to do is leave a comment.

One thing that this class helps builds towards is creating or using new digital media that connects People to their Communities then the World. I have learned how digital media can be used as a powerful tool to rally a community together or to simply inform people about an exciting field trip. Learning to be digitally literate is hard because there are so many new programs that are created each day, but that provides us the opportunity to learn more about digital media and the ways it can help connect us.

I have realized that some how in my life I want to be able to connect people with each other, either locally or globally. Using the digital media that we have discussed in this class will help me come up with strategies to connect people around the world. But I also look forward to learning about the next twitter or tag cloud that will change the field of digital media. So here is a blog toast to the learning about new digital media and connecting people to their communities then to the world.

See what how much our class created this year by checking out this Link

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Philip Thurtle

Last Thursday, Philip Thurtle, the last Davies Forum speaker of the semester, came to the University of San Francisco to talk about how comics can teach us about the world we live in.

After reading Scott McCloud's book, Understand Comics - The Invisible Art, Thurtle gave me an even more in depth look at comics. He also convinced me that it is better to do a speech with no shoes on.

McCloud and Thurtle have showed me that comics aren't just silly cartoons with imaginative hero's and villains. Characters like Swamp Thing can teach us things about our society and ourselves. Swamp Thing used to be a regular scientist trying to help save the world from environmental problems when his experiment goes south and turns into the Swamp Thing. The world didn't create Swamp thing, we did, and it is up to us to adapt to these changes in our environment instead of outcasting them into our society. I loved Thurtle's explanation when he stated to change the world we must first listen to it then make the necessary steps to fix it.

Thurtle also explained how superheros are products of industrial accidents and they remind our society that we have taken industrial society for granite. Living in am industrial and global society, superhero comics portray the world we live in today. Comics informs us about the world in ways newspapers and news media can't.

After reading McCloud's book, I forgot how much I enjoy reading a good comic book once and a while. I never got into comics as a kid, but I enjoy reading in between the "gutter" and visualizing the events in my head by creating the crime in my own style. I never realized comics could send such a strong message about our society and they way it functions.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stonelake Farm

As I piled into Kelly's car at 5 a.m. , two things crossed my mind: What am I doing up this early in the morning? and how did Silver convince us to drive 6 hours to a farm out in the boonies?

However, after 6 hours, a 37 mile windy road and a 6 mile dirt road later, we arrived at a quiet and peaceful farm, with scenic views of the vast forest that surrounded us.

Stonelake Farm isn't your typical farm either. Yes it has its goats, chickens, and two adorable dogs, but is also environmentally conscious as well. Stonelake generates its energy with a system of solar panels that heats up water which provides electricity to the households. Not to mention it also uses the nearby creek to generate electricity as well. Every little detail has been meticulously planned out, even down to the hand made benches along the hillside to watch the sunset or to enjoy a delicious meal.

One of the masterminds behind this farm is Francis, and is one of the reasons why Stonelake Farm is so self-sufficient . Francis has been a outdoors man all his life and can prove it, by making a fire in a matter of minutes with his trusty bow and elk bone. I was amazed how quickly he could create fire and then hit he me how screwed I would be if I ever got lost in the forest. Francis still retains skills, like making fire or surviving in the wild, that my generation has lost. For centuries these skills were a necessity to survive, but now in today's society, fire can be started with a match and you can go get all the food you want two blocks down the street at a grocery store.
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Silver Attempting to Chop Wood                                                             Sunny Skies

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One of the things that struck me while I was at Stonelake was when Francis brought out the chainsaw to saw up some firewood. I remember him saying "Everybody clover your ears" before he fired up the chainsaw. As I braced myself for what I thought would be a excruciating loud noise, the sound came nothing to what I was expecting and was pretty bearable for my standards. But I realized for Francis, that was about the loudest noise he probably hears out on the farm, except for the machines the new neighbors pass by in. I also noticed Francis had earmuffs to block the sound of the chainsaw. I realized how much other distractions we have in the city and how we have become accustomed to adapting to these noises. I know I can read a book on the bus with multiple conversations going on around me, not to mention the street noise. Matter of fact it would be kind of weird to read in almost total silence and I would have to look around to see what is wrong.

I think Francis might have a hard time adjusting to city life now that he has lived in rural surroundings for so long. But on the other hand I would be totally lost if I had to live in on a farm and be able to survive for myself. I guess what I am wondering is it possible to adjust to a new lifestyle after a certain time living in a completely different one? All I know is I learned a lot from Francis and the lifestyle he chooses and I am glad he found a place where he can live the way he wants and be at peace with himself, which is what I think everyone is looking for at some point in their life.

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The Icy Waterfall at
Stonelake. Believe me I know!        

                                      The Octagon as snow begins to fall

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One of reasons why I was glad to go to Stonelake was to get away from the city for a few days and forget about all the stressful things in my life. With beautiful waterfalls and big rocks to climb on, I was glad I got to enjoy this place for what it is, instead of thinking about graduating and all of the tests upcoming in the next few weeks. I told myself before I went that I wasn't going to think about these things because I wanted to experience all the farm had to offer. I felt by thinking about all the stuff going on here, it would take away from my experience at the farm. I am thankful that Stonelake had such beautiful scenery and you could just enjoy being there. From waterfalls, to beautiful views, Stonelake is a great place to get away from it all. It also helps that you have 3 glorious meals a day and some drinks to pass the time and look forward too every 3 hours or so.

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Before                                                                                            After

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